Develop with us

At Welink, we hold your hands every step of the way. Say bye to sleepless nights.

Your Development Process

Enjoy the jouney

First home buyer? Knock down rebuild? Elite property investor? We can help. We want to be as transparent with you as possible so you enjoy the process more because you know what to expect next.

  • Step 1Let's start with hello

    Meet and greet: Set up a meeting with one of our specialists and chat through options of your development.

    Proposals: We present you all the options to you within 7 days after research is professionally conducted.

  • Step 2Paint your vision

    Decision making: We walk you through all the options and scenarios for the development.
  • Step 3The numbers game

    Calculate: We present you a full feasibility report with relevant data freshly collected.

    Drawing board: Our design team will prepare a selection of scenarios for the development.

  • Step 4Commit to the project

    Pull the trigger: You decide, we execute. By this stage, we have cleared our mind and both you and Welink are very committed to making it a success.
  • Step 5Design approval

    DA granted: After weeks, sometimes months of hard work, we are now being supported by your local authorities for the development.
  • Step 6Construction permit

    Building permit granted: Welink team is focused during the process of documentation. 100% dedicated team ensures 100% success on site.
  • Step 7Construction underway

    Exciting times ahead: Congralutaions! Say bye to paperwork (at least for you). Now you will see how fast and accurate we deliver a project.
  • Step 8Hand over

    Completion Inspection: You have been waiting for this big day. Your dedicated construction manager will present your home or homes to you.
  • Step 9Get it sold or move in

    The Start: If you are moving in, this is the start of your new chapter. We will always be here to answer your questions.

    The End: If we are selling these properties for you, this is the end of your project. We will get them sold while you are getting ready for your next project with Welink.

  • Step 10Aftercare

    Genuine customer service: Once you have lived in your brand new home, we are obliged to perform a 6 months defects maintenance for you. You are welcome to contact us at any time should you wish to get them attended sooner.

Ready to take the next step?

Our promised to you. We are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction every time you speak with us.